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27 January 2009
Not so much changes this time .
If your friend or favourite adds picture to album you will receive a message about it.
On page My pictures you can see number of comments.
If there are pictures in album, link to album will appear under the primary picture.
The biggest change: pictures from albums are shown in the profile. You cannot see in your profile anymore I was commented, My visitors ja I viewed rubrics. You can go to these rubrics from menu on the left.
11 Detcember 2008
Dear friends, we update our site constantly, so it would be more convenient and interesting. From this day we will inform you about every update we have made.
After every update you will find a link to the news section in the left menu. You can find the same link is site footer.

Before it was hard to remember all the people you have visited. Now you can find list of users in new section I visited.

We added a new section - photo albums. If in your profile you can add only personal photos, in albums you can add photos of your family, pets or whatever you like. You can add up to 20 albums, 100 photos each. Add photo in the album here »

If your friends got new friends it was hard to see who is new. Now in section "Friends of friends" newbies are shown in the beginning.

In the photo preview window if you are looking through some pictures and got to the end you will see an arrow "To go to the beginning". It is very useful especially if you started to watch pictures from the middle of the queue.

Invite friends form is modified a little. Invite your friends! :)